Stop applying for jobs blindly.

    Get connected with 40+ referrers waiting to help you out!

    kabel (/'keɪbl/) or cable

    definition: “orang dalam” or referrer (ie. someone in a company that can help you get a job)

    “zaman sekarang ni nak dapat kerja kena ada kabel bro”

    We have referrers from these companies

    2x Marketing logoAccord Innovations logoAmerican Express logoBAE Systems Digital Intelligence logoBASF Asia Pacific Service Center logoBeam Mobility logoBigPay logoDHL logoDell Technologies logoDeriv logoEndava logoEtherscan logoFPT Software Malaysia logoGuidewire Software logoHilti Group logoINFOPRO logoJobstreet (SEEK / SEEK Asia) logoMalaysia Airlines logoMaxis logoMindvalley logoNovartis Corporation (Malaysia) logoPayNet (Payments Network Malaysia) logoPickles Asia logoServiceRocket logoSetel Ventures logoShopBack logoSourceflow logoTechnologyOne logoUber Carshare logoVeecoTech logoXsolla logo

    Why CariKabel? is a platform that connects you (the job seekers) with employees from a company.

    Say you're interested to apply for a Frontend Engineer position in company XYZ.

    Instead of submitting your applications through their job portals and waiting, wishing, praying that you'll get a response – you'll have a better chance by asking for a referral from their employees directly.

    “But I don't know anyone from the company, I have no connections”

    That's where comes in. With a small fee of RM100, you will instantly get access to 40+ connections ready to help you – pretty cool right?

    If you're ready,

    Get referred now!

    No job openings relevant to you? 😢

    You could actually still benefits from it!

    Sometimes companies have roles that are not advertised publicly.

    Maybe they don't have time to update it,

    Maybe they haven't come up with the job description yet,

    Or maybe they are practicing “referrals only” job applications.

    By having direct access to them, you are opening yourself up to more opportunities that you might not know.

    Here's what other people have to say.

    FAQs ❓

    Why do I need to pay?

    To put it simply, it’s a way for me to filter serious job applicants. If you are willing to spend invest RM100 to get direct access to referrers, it shows you are serious about getting a job and chances are, you are a high-quality candidates.

    Can I share my account with other people like my friends or family?

    No. One purchase is for one email only. You are prohibited to share, duplicate, download the data inside the referrers directory in any shape way or form.

    If other people want to get the access to the database, they should make a purchase on their own behalf. People who do not comply to this will have their access revoked permanently.

    How can I know the referrers are serious too?

    The referrers are filtered and reviewed before they are included in the list. All of them are incentivise through their company’s referral program. It means they will get some commission if they manage to help you land a job there. You can read more about Employee Referral Program.

    Will I get a job if I pay and contact the referrers? What if I failed to land a job?

    Both me and the referrers can’t guarantee a job placement. It depends on the hiring manager for the role and your suitability as a candidate. If the company find that you are not a good fit, there’s nothing we can do about it.

    This platform only helps you to get connected, not hired. Think of it as a place for you to build your own kabels (or network).

    I’ve emailed the referrers but none of them replied back. What should I do?

    If it’s more than for 5 business days since you emailed them. You can forward the email and include the referrer’s details to

    I will try my best to escalate your problem to them personally. I will also ensure that the referrers are committed doing this. If they are not responsive or being rude, please let me know.

    I’m interested to join as a referrer, how can I do that?

    First of all, thank you for your interest. Secondly, does your company have Employee Referral Program.? If yes, then you can contact me directly on Twitter or Telegram.

    Any other questions or problems? Contact me at